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In My Stretch of the Stars, page 2 by Braenuun In My Stretch of the Stars, page 2 :iconbraenuun:Braenuun 1 0 In My Stretch of the Stars, page 1 by Braenuun In My Stretch of the Stars, page 1 :iconbraenuun:Braenuun 0 0 Somewhere in Beze's Lab by Braenuun Somewhere in Beze's Lab :iconbraenuun:Braenuun 0 0
It is All for Nothing if Not for Her
I stand tall in a dark suite,
combed hair parted sharp to one side.
Anyone at first glance would stare:
a man in control of his life right there.
And I would look at them,
smile and nod with hazel eyes.
Fingers on lapel, six-hundred thread,
thankful to God no one knows the thoughts in my head.
Because as professional words roll off my tongue
and everything in my life speaks to success,
I quake in the fiber of my soul,
for the life of my love, who makes me whole.
I'm a sap, traditionally sweet,
raised on Disney and fairy tales and dreams.
My God is not a God of Wrath but Love.
Romance is what perfection is made of.
She is laid up and ridden to her bed,
a dwindling reflection of radiance.
As her light dwindles my heart grows dark.
From fear, I tremble and am torn apart.
In the silence I lose myself to thought,
the rending worry has me undone.
At someone's word I return.
No, no, the world must never learn
that I am breaking, a crack deep within,
through which all my life will seep.
:iconbraenuun:Braenuun 0 0
Little Girl
Little girl,
growing under the wing.
The sun was warm and days were nice
before the maelstroms of ice
that have come to be the norm.
Everyone once at your aid,
you find the times have gone
where life was all of fun.
The clouds obscure the sun.
It's not as warm before the storm.
Frightened at the coming dark
you tried to find refuge,
but all the shelter then was closed.
You couldn't find what you needed most,
and you made it on your own.
Over months and daunting years,
you found ways to get by.
You figured out how to live,
how to take and how to give.
Little girl, my, how you've grown.
In the storm that beat you down,
you stood fast against the wind.
The little girl that you once were
would have withered, never stirred,
to fight for what was right.
Before long,
the sun will shine.
You will stand, steady and tall,
a greater person after all,
bathed again in glorious light.
:iconbraenuun:Braenuun 0 0
In Another Life
I came down from the mountain to find you
- not to find you, but I found you.
Sunlight came down from the sky.
The waters shimmered as you stared across the lake.
For a moment, I was taken by surprise that you were there.
For another, I forgot all the bitterness we had each known.
You were young, and I was dumb
- we were inexperienced.
We loved and lied and lived
- now older, now wiser, now recovered from the wounds.
We talked momentarily by the water,
then we ambled beneath the mountains,
in the valleys and fens where we fell in love.
I remembered everything then.
Your denim skirt was caught in the warm wind,
and I remembered what it was to hold you.
Our hearts used to beat, chest on chest.
Our lungs rose and fell, arm in arm.
In a blink, my eyes opened to my alarm.  
In another life you never ceased to be my love.
In another world, you were always my friend,
but I have my own life to live.
:iconbraenuun:Braenuun 1 0
Otter Love: Where the River Meets the Sea
Otter love is holding hands,
out where the waves have left the sands.
The ocean, cold and black beneath,
the stars and heav'ns 'bove the wreath
of iv'ry shores that round the infinite.
Once a pup in crystal streams,
that gather other mammal dreams,
now is grown and ocean bound,
where the water meets the ground,
the iv'ry shores that round the infinite.
That is where lies destiny,
where the river meets the sea,
No longer solitary dreams,
bound in isolated streams,
we all find our way to infinity.
Like mag'a'nets or yin and yang,
we find ourselves with others same,
looking at the silver stars,
drifting out 'cross golden bars.
We clasp our furred and salty paws,
lie on our backs in wond'r, awe,
drifting with the depths below,
covered in celestial flows...
together swim on the infinite sea.
:iconbraenuun:Braenuun 0 0
What do you think? by Braenuun What do you think? :iconbraenuun:Braenuun 1 0
It was said that diamonds are forever.
You could do pretty much anything to them before they would break, or chip, or scratch.
Humans aren't so sturdy.
Their bodies break and scratch and waste away.
Their minds decay.
Their hearts hurt, break, and shatter.
What does the most damage to diamonds are other diamonds.
The same is true of humans.
There are two ironies here, for the fleshy ones, at least.
Most often it is those for whom we feel the greatest who cause our hearts to hurt.
When they die, when they lie, when they do us wrong.
This is when we scratch, chip, and break.
Second, this breaking is also a sign of our malleability,
for we can either break and shatter,
or we can break and reform.
To be shattered and broken is a terrible pain,
and words cannot describe.
But to be broken to be fixed...
like the bones of a poorly set bone...
it hurts in the heart about the same.
Yet, for this pain from which many of us run,
we can allow ourselves better growth:
room to be crafted anew.
A cra
:iconbraenuun:Braenuun 1 0
Gold-Lined Treasure Chest
Compare yourself to what everyone else has done.  You quickly realize that you are nothing.
When it hits, you either sink into a hole, fight against and drive yourself to do, or you ignore it, and you lie to yourself.
You're really nothing.
When you look at yourself as a thing of worth by the things you do, you will always come up short.
Your art will never be as good, music as great, looks as beautiful, food as tasteful, research as astounding.
You might turn and say to yourself the words you just read, and then slump back in your chair, pour yourself a drink, light a smoke, or go to sleep.  Your energy will be gone from you, becase what's the point anyways?
You might turn to the previous thought and scream, angry, upset, frustrated, livid.
You might take those emotions and put them toward something that really is great.  Then, you'll still find that someone else has exceded you, and the cycle starts over.
Your life will become a slaving, methodological effort to
:iconbraenuun:Braenuun 1 0
God Gave Me You by Braenuun God Gave Me You :iconbraenuun:Braenuun 1 0 Fox by Braenuun
Mature content
Fox :iconbraenuun:Braenuun 2 0
Opus by Braenuun Opus :iconbraenuun:Braenuun 0 0 All you need by Braenuun All you need :iconbraenuun:Braenuun 0 0 Karma by Braenuun Karma :iconbraenuun:Braenuun 1 0 Wayward Soldier by Braenuun Wayward Soldier :iconbraenuun:Braenuun 0 0
These are things from the nothingness i do.
What are they for?
i do what i can,
and enjoy what i do,
and the world barely ever gets my better half,
just sitting around doing as i do,
doing what i love,
that nothingness i do.


In My Stretch of the Stars, page 2
Here's page two, done a while ago.  I'll upload the next ones soon
In My Stretch of the Stars, page 1
I have started and am making headway on a comic.  May you all enjoy!  Shoot questions and feedback!  Eager to converse and improve!
Anyone want to do a trade or make a request?
Sooo anyone wanna do a trade or have any requests?  I'd be happy to explore the opportunity
Sooo anyone wanna do a trade or have any requests?  I'd be happy to explore the opportunity


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
The only way to know who i am is to be with me as a friend or family.


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